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Safety Tips Recommended by Occupational Therapists

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Does your elderly loved one suffer from acute or chronic pain? If so, they may need to see an occupational therapist. This type of therapist can help your elderly loved one to make changes to their lifestyle, so they aren’t in as much pain. There are even many safety tips that might be recommended for your elderly loved one by an occupational therapist.

Moving the Pantry Supplies

One of the things that your elderly loved one might need to do is to move their pantry supplies. In most houses, the pantry has shelving units that are up higher. For senior citizens, this can be quite difficult. It can even increase their fall risk. However, you or an elder care provider can help your elderly loved one to move their pantry supplies lower, where they can be easily reached.

Bed Support

Is it difficult for your elderly loved one to get in and out of their bed? If their bed is up a bit too high, you may want to consider putting a support near their bed. This could be a footstool, small ramp, or another type of support. The purpose of this is to make it easier for your elderly loved one to get in and out of their bed. It can greatly lower the risk of your elderly loved one falling in their bedroom.

Bathroom Assistive Devices

Another safety tip that is often recommended by occupational therapist for the elderly is bathroom assistive devices. This could be grab bars, non-slip mats, a sit-in shower or bath, or a toilet seat that is raised up. All of these things can help your elderly loved one to stay safer when they are in the bathroom. If your elderly loved one still needs help, after these assistive devices are placed, you can certainly have elder care providers help. Elder care providers can help your loved one to take a bath or shower. They can also help them to go to the bathroom or brush their teeth, if needed.


These are some of the safety tips that are often recommended by occupational therapists for senior citizens. If your elderly loved one is in pain or if they just need extra help getting around, these are some of the best things for them to do. If you and elder care providers can help your loved one with these things, they can reduce their chances of falling in their home significantly.

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