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Skilled Nursing Services

In some cases where your loved one is chronically ill or injured, perhaps they had a stroke or a really serious injury or surgery, they require the services only a skilled nurse such as Register Nurse, LPN can provide even after they have left the hospital. In most cases like this, family members normally want to put their families in nurse homes where they can be sure their loved one is receiving the care they need.

Coming to the aid of patients who need constant care

However, another option family members have at their disposal is at-home skilled nursing services. With in-home skilled nursing services, you are assured that your family member’s medical needs are being met in the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

Our Perfect Touch Home Care team of skilled nurses offers you at-home medical services that can rival those offered at any premium nursing home. Our nurses are highly experienced and certified, which puts them in the best position to care for your loved one. We go above and beyond what is needed of the usual nurse. We offer your loved one the medical treatment they need to get better as well as a stable companion through the ups and downs of dealing with their current situation.

We do a deep assessment of the patient’s condition and set to create a suitable environment and an individualized care plan that meets the client’s unique needs and helps enhance their health. For whatever reason, your loved one may require skilled nursing services. Be it an injury, age, or illness. You can count on us to provide optimal support and care to enhance their quality of life.

We work closely with your loved one’s physician to ensure the client stays up to date with their medical treatments and any other rehabilitation services they may need to get better.

What we offer you with our skilled nursing services is the opportunity for your loved one to have the professional medical treatments they need, no matter how complex, without having to leave the place they feel most comfortable.

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