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Common Mental Illness Signs in the Elderly

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Your elderly loved one might talk to you when they are feeling down, lonely, depressed, or anxious. However, not all senior citizens talk to their loved ones about these things. If your elderly loved one hasn’t talked to you about their mental health state, it would be helpful if you could recognize the signs of mental illness. By doing so, you can help your elderly loved one to get treatment or other kinds of help if needed.

Withdrawing from Activities

Did your elderly loved one use to take part in many social activities? Maybe they went to a lot of parties and events with family members and friends? Have they recently been avoiding these activities? Have they turned down invitation after invitation recently? If so, your elderly loved one might be suffering from depression or another mental illness.

No Appetite

Has your elderly loved one been telling you or their elderly care providers that they don’t have an appetite? If they haven’t said this, have you noticed they aren’t eating much at all? Maybe you have gone to have lunch with them, only to notice they pick a few bites off their plate and stop eating. If this is the case, it is important to note that many mental illnesses can cause a loss of appetite.

Sleeping is Messed Up

What about your elderly loved one’s sleeping habits? Have you noticed they are sleeping 10 hours or more a night when they used to sleep 7 to 8 hours a night? Maybe it is the complete opposite for your elderly loved one. They may only be sleeping a couple of hours each night. Either way, these sleeping issues can be a result of a mental illness.

Not Taking Care of One’s Hygiene

There are also many mental illnesses that can cause someone to not take care of their hygiene. If your elderly loved one isn’t showering, brushing their teeth, brushing their hair, or changing their clothes regularly, this could be a sign of anxiety or depression.

Mood Swings

If your elderly loved one is experiencing major mood swings, this could be a result of a mental illness, as well. You or the elderly care providers may notice that your loved one is agitated or angry often. You may notice they have severe ups and downs in their moods. These highs and lows in their mood could signify a range of mental illnesses.


These are some of the common mental illness signs in the elderly. If you or one of the elderly care providers notice these signs in your loved one, be sure to take the necessary steps to help them.

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