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Can Elderly Care Help Your Dad Get Through a Cold?

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

A simple cold may not seem like a lot, but your dad is struggling. He doesn’t have a lot of energy to put into his routine chores. You’d like to help, but your job makes it hard to stop by each day. Can you hire elderly care services to help your dad while he’s sick?

The Symptoms of a Cold

The common cold is a virus that causes nasal congestion, a runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, chest congestion, and fatigue. A cold may lead to a sore, scratchy throat, and some mild body aches. Sinus pressure may cause a headache that’s behind the eyes.

A low-grade fever may happen, though it’s not as common. If he does have a low-grade fever, pay attention to any increases. If it increases, it could be an indicator that your dad has the flu.

Depending on the location, your dad may have chest/throat congestion that causes a cough that irritates the throat. If the congestion is in the nasal cavity, he may find it hard to breathe through the nose. If he’s finding it hard to breathe, talk to his doctor and make sure that he doesn’t have the flu.

Cold medications can help ease the symptoms, but there’s no cure. He needs to take care of himself by drinking plenty of fluids and getting enough rest. Fluids help keep the mucus his body is producing thin and runny.

Colds aren’t typically dangerous. He may develop a sinus infection, so he should pay attention to the color of the mucus. Greenish mucus can indicate a sinus infection that he should talk to his doctor about.

He also wants to make sure it’s a cold and not the flu. If it’s the flu, it will appear suddenly. A cold will start and progress gradually. You don’t want your dad’s flu virus to progress to pneumonia.

How Can Elderly Care Help Your Dad?

Elderly care aides can help your dad with daily chores. While he has a caregiver helping out, he can focus on getting enough rest. While his caregiver does the laundry, he can relax in his armchair and sip a cup of warm tea.

Your dad can have a caregiver make him a pot of homemade soup. His appetite may not be the best, but soup helps provide him with nutrients and extra fluid. Soup is also easy to reheat at any time of the day or night that he’s feeling hungry.

Discuss your dad’s needs with an elderly care specialist. Have a list of questions you and your dad have to make sure you don’t forget anything. You’ll be able to ask about prices, frequency, and available services during this call.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Elderly Care in Newark, NJ or the surrounding areas please contact the caring staff at Perfect Touch Home Care Firm today! (908) 469-2701.

About Mildrene Volcy

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