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What Do You Need to Know After Your Senior Has a Heart Attack?

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Heart attacks are incredibly frightening and if your senior has just had one, you might feel as if you just can’t even think past the next few minutes. But there are some things that you need to know in order to help her to recover as well as possible.

Exactly What Help Your Senior Needs

The types of help your elderly family member needs after a heart attack can vary greatly. If she’s had a severe heart attack, she’s likely going to need physical therapy and other types of medical and specialized care for quite a while. A mild heart attack may mean that your elderly family member needs to go through milder forms of those same types of treatments and take it easy for a little while. Bringing in home care providers is a great way to make sure your senior isn’t trying to push too hard.

Whether She’s at Risk of Having Another Heart Attack

Understanding your senior’s future heart attack risk after this one is crucial. Her doctor can explain to both of you what has already happened and how that impacts your senior’s immediate heart health. If there is anything that your elderly family member could do still to reduce that risk, it’s important to know and to understand what that might be.

What Medications She’s Going to Be Taking

Many people find themselves after a heart attack taking a variety of different medications. Your senior’s doctor is prescribing them because they can help her to heal and they may be able to help her to reduce her risk of having another heart attack quickly after this one. It’s important to understand the side effects of new medications and to ask how those medications might interact with ones your senior already takes.

Whether She Needs to Change Her Diet

Lifestyle changes have a much better effect on heart health than lots of folks want to give them credit. After her heart attack, your elderly family member’s doctor might recommend some changes to help her to heal and to reduce her risk of experiencing another heart attack. Often these changes include lowering salt intake, drinking plenty of water, and adding lots of fruits and vegetables to each meal. Working with a nutritionist could be an excellent idea, too.

There’s a lot that might be up in the air after this medical scare but getting as much information as you can is vital.

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