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What Can You Do about Delusions with Dementia?

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Delusions can be a scary thing for you to hear about from your senior. They’re a common issue for people who have dementia, because your senior really is trying to make sense of what’s going on around her. There may be some factors that make delusions more likely to occur, too.

Delusions Are Real for Your Senior

As false and unbelievable as delusions are for you, they’re very real for your senior. She is experiencing, or believes that she is experiencing, exactly what she’s describing to you. Sometimes these delusions are only auditory, but very often they involve things that your senior is seeing or feeling, too. Simply denying these delusions is not going to work and may in fact make the whole situation worse. Avoid arguing with your elderly family member about reality.

Talk to Your Senior’s Doctor

It’s always a good idea when your senior is talking about something new to run it past her doctor. There may be a valid physical cause for some of the delusions your elderly family member is experiencing. Very often older adults experience different symptoms with physical ailments. A bladder infection, for instance, can result in delusions or confusion and not other symptoms that are more common in younger people.

Many Delusions Fade on Their Own

If you play along instead of fighting you can start to realize that many of the delusions that your senior is experiencing fade away. Like a dream there may be another that takes its place or your senior may fade in and out of lucid periods. Regardless, these delusions are very rarely a permanent experience that she’s going through.

Sometimes There’s a Grain of Truth

Something else to consider is that there is sometimes a grain of truth in your senior’s delusions. Her brain is trying to make sense of the world around her and it’s not working the way that it used to. That means that something simple can take on ominous overtones and become a situation that is scary for her. Not all delusions are scary, of course, but it’s also possible that there’s something real that has served as a catalyst for the delusion.

It takes some practice to deal appropriately with delusions that your senior is experiencing. As you’re learning, you might find it helpful to work with elder care providers. They have plenty of experience with people who have dementia and can share with you what they’ve learned over time.

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