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Take Action Against Prediabetes

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Prediabetes used to be referred to as borderline diabetes. It’s a precursor to type 2 diabetes. People who have prediabetes have elevated blood sugar but it’s not so high that they can be diagnosed with diabetes. If your aging relative has been told they have prediabetes, this is their chance to take action to prevent it from turning into type 2 diabetes. Below are some steps older adults can take to prevent prediabetes from advancing.

Lose Weight

If your older family member is overweight, losing as little as 5 or 10 percent of their weight can lower the chances of prediabetes turning into type 2 diabetes. Avoid fad diets, though. They seldom work in the long term. Instead, focus on making lasting dietary changes and getting the older adult to exercise regularly.

Increase Physical Activity

Physical activity helps the body to use sugar to create energy, which can keep it from building up in the blood. Experts recommend 30 minutes of exercise on at least 5 days of the week. If it’s been a while since your older family member has exercised regularly, they should talk to their doctor before starting. Also, starting slowly can make it easier to build up and make exercising a habit. Seniors can add some activity into their day by doing things like exercising in short bursts during commercials in their favorite television programs. They could also park the car farther from stores and other buildings, so they walk more.

Improve Diet

The dietary changes that can help to prevent diabetes can also help with weight loss. Begin by adding more vegetables to the older adult’s diet. Focus on vegetables that aren’t starchy, such as leafy greens, carrots, and green beans. Increasing fiber is also a good idea. Exchange higher calorie foods, such as full fat dairy products, for lower calorie ones, like skim milk and low-fat yogurt.

Use Home Care

Home care can assist older adults to reduce their risks of getting type 2 diabetes. Many older adults struggle to eat healthy meals because they cannot cook for themselves. As a result, they may eat processed foods or fast foods. Home care providers can cook healthy meals that contain lots of fresh vegetables, whole grains, and low-fat proteins and dairy. Home care providers can also help older adults to be more physically active, too. A home care provider can encourage the older adult to move more at home by involving them in household tasks and activities that require them to move. Home care providers can also go for walks with them or drive them to an exercise class or facility.

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About Mildrene Volcy

Mildrene Volcy is the Owner at Perfect Touch Home Care Firm in Elizabeth, NJ. In 2013, Perfect Touch Home Care Firm was established to serve our communities and provide life-enhancing home care services to those who need care and companionship. Our home health care agency makes the patient the center of our care practice. We make it easy for persons who wish to stay at home in their preferred habitat to arrange available services in an easy, dependable, and respectful way. Our team of Certified Licensed Home Health Aides meets and follows the highest standards of integrity, compassion, and dedication to caring for those in need. We even offer professional staffing services for personal and agency needs. Following industry standards, our home health aides and nursing staff can be counted on for various service requirements.

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