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Six Misconceptions People Have About Home Care

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Home care helps older adults age at home. It’s a helpful way to support your mom and dad as they get older. As abilities change, caregivers offer the supportive care your parents need to remain at home and avoid a move.

While home care helps seniors live in their homes, there are common misconceptions about home care. You’ve probably heard some of them or already believe some to be true.

Home Care is No Different to Hiring Housekeepers

Some people think of home care as a cleaning service. The caregivers are there to do the housework and laundry. There’s far more to it than that.

Caregivers provide companionship. You can hire caregivers to take your mom to the museum or beach. You could arrange to have caregivers stop by to play a weekly game of chess with your dad. You can arrange companionship services and never hire caregivers to help with cleaning.

Agencies Decide What Care is Given

A home care agency works with your family to make sure your parents have the help they need. Care services are not added without your approval. You go over the options and pick and choose what will most help your parents as they age at home.

Care Plans Get Locked In

Once a care plan is designed, you can change it. They’re not set in stone with no flexibility. If your parents’ needs change, services can be added and removed.

It’s Unaffordable

Professional caregivers don’t work for free. There is a cost involved, but it’s not unaffordable. You control costs by hiring home care services that your parents need and skipping those they don’t.

If your parents have long-term care insurance, the cost of home care is manageable. They may qualify for benefits like the VA’s Aid and Attendance that can help with the cost of some services.

It’s Risky

The media has highlighted many cases of caregivers stealing from the elderly. You’ve probably seen them. Consider how many home care aides work in the U.S. According to the Bureau of Labor Services, there are more than 3.4 million personal care and home health aides in the U.S. Statistically, the number of caregivers who steal or mistreat those in their care is very small.

Partner with a home care agency that does drug screenings and background checks of those they hire. That adds another layer of protection. If you stay active in your parents’ care, you won’t have to worry about the care they’re getting.

It Ends Independence

Finally, one of the biggest misconceptions is that it ends an older adult’s independence. The opposite is true. With home care services, your parents remain independent. They’re able to stay at home and do the things they love when they want to.

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About Mildrene Volcy

Mildrene Volcy is the Owner at Perfect Touch Home Care Firm in Elizabeth, NJ. In 2013, Perfect Touch Home Care Firm was established to serve our communities and provide life-enhancing home care services to those who need care and companionship. Our home health care agency makes the patient the center of our care practice. We make it easy for persons who wish to stay at home in their preferred habitat to arrange available services in an easy, dependable, and respectful way. Our team of Certified Licensed Home Health Aides meets and follows the highest standards of integrity, compassion, and dedication to caring for those in need. We even offer professional staffing services for personal and agency needs. Following industry standards, our home health aides and nursing staff can be counted on for various service requirements.

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