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Renowned Expert In Geriatric Care

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Claudia Fine is a renowned expert in geriatric care and for over 30 years has been working with families simultaneously navigating child care and the care of aging family members.

-She has served in many industry and community leadership roles and is the recipient of the prestigious Hunter College School of Social Work Award for Outstanding Service to Social Work in Aging.

-Today she is the Chief Clinical Advisor for, our country’s first technology platform to provide family caregivers one-on-one expert advice anytime anywhere from the convenience of their mobile phone, which is at

Can’t wait to talk to Claudia. She is an expert on what she does and does it well. Our conversation about the Sandwich Generation is an excellent piece as we often meet people with this dilemma of being responsible for a loved-ones as well taking care their children. Any questions just talk to me, text or comment. I welcome all. Watch our shows on our Youtube Channel.

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