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Parkinson’s Disease: What Early Signs Might Your Elderly Loved One Have?

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

Do you worry that your elderly loved one will get Parkinson’s disease? Maybe it seems to run in the family or maybe it is a disease that has just been on your mind. Either way, it is important to get a disease management plan going as soon as possible if someone has this disease. This is why you and the caregivers your loved one has should watch out for the early signs of this disease. If symptoms show up, you can schedule your elderly loved one a doctor’s appointment to get tests done.


Tremors are often the first and most easily noticed sign in this disease. You or the caregivers might notice that your elderly loved one’s hands shake. Then, you might notice that their entire arm or leg shakes. Usually, this is even noticeable when they are moving around. However, sometimes you may only notice it when they are sitting still.

Feeling Stiff and Moving Slow

Two other things that you might notice in your elderly loved one are that they feel stiff and they are moving slower than usual. Yes, both of these things happen as people age. This is why it is often tough to recognize Parkinson’s disease. Many people pass it off as a sign of aging. However, if your elderly loved one is feeling stiff often, more than just a little discomfort and they can’t move around very well, be sure that they see their doctor.

Loss of Smell

Your elderly loved one may experience loss of smell. They might not be able to smell dill pickles, licorice, or other foods. The loss of smell can signify that your elderly loved one has Parkinson’s disease. However, it is important to know that this and other signs can signify other health issues, as well. This is why it is essential to get your elderly loved one to their doctor for the appropriate testing.

Changes in Their Voice

Your elderly loved one will have changes in their voice, as well. They may start slurring their speech. This usually happens early on in the disease. They may have trouble speaking loudly. You may also feel that your elderly loved one’s voice is hoarse, as well. If these changes are noticed by you or the caregivers, you should schedule them an appointment with their doctor.


These are some of the early Parkinson’s disease signs that you might want to look for in your elderly loved one. If they are noticed, schedule your elderly loved one an appointment, so they can get the correct diagnosis.

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