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Four Tips for Putting a Schedule Together for Your Senior

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

As your elderly family member finds that she has more time to herself, a routine might be in order. This can help her to make sure that she eats meals regularly, that she engages in the hobbies she wants to engage in, and that she’s able to enjoy this time that she has. Putting together the right schedule takes a little bit of planning, but it might be easier than she thinks.

Brainstorm with Her

One of the first steps is to sit down with your elderly family member and put a list together of all the activities, tasks, goals, and events she wants to include in her regular daily schedules. It might help to talk about what her ideal day looks like from her perspective. That gives her a chance to really contemplate what her day can feel like.

Prioritize Her List

What’s most important on your senior’s list? Just like when you’re putting your own schedule and routine together, you can’t fit everything in. The highest priority items are definitely the ones you want to try to schedule first and foremost. The items that are low on the list might be occasional events or they might not be as vital as you first thought.

Include Health and Well-being

Some of the things that should be among the highest priority items need to be in the category of health and well-being. Getting plenty of rest, eating healthy meals regularly, and starting an exercise plan that works well for her should all be on the list, especially if they’re cleared by her doctor. Keeping these items high on the priority list helps to ensure that your senior can enjoy the new routine she’s establishing.

Be Flexible, but Be Consistent

Flexibility is the key to making any good schedule work. But you also need to be as consistent as possible. If you’re not helping your elderly family member to be consistent, the routine falls apart. Having help from you and from senior care providers to stay on schedule and so that she can delegate tasks when she needs to can be incredibly beneficial.

The right schedule will flow perfectly for your senior and help her to accomplish all that she still wants to accomplish. You both may find that your first or second draft still need to be refined a bit. That’s all part of finding the right routines for her.

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