Meeting the challenges of cognitive impairment in daily life

Patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related diseases as much as family and friends would love to take care of their ailing loved ones, they may not be equipped to deal with the challenges of cognitive impairment.

The common clinical manifestations of Alzheimer’s are Dementia and Parkinson’s diseases. Symptoms such as confusion and cognitive degeneration are common among those who have suffered or have been diagnosed as an Alzheimer’s patient. Parkinson’s disease can progressively characterize the muscles that can delay body movement and facial paralyzed. If your loved-one is above 65 years of age and you have encountered a few symptoms such as forgetfulness, anxiety, insomnia, it is best to get them diagnosed by recommending professionals.

How we can help? Our Director of nurse will do a home care assessment; the assessment is detailed questions that are related to assessing/diagnose patient’s state of mind, pain level, medication, and on. We will identify and planning an outline plan of care to be implemented by licensed caregivers. We will evaluate our patients on a weekly and monthly basis. A home caregiver that will manage safety measures, encouraging healthy eating habits, regular exercise, and help patients maintain social well-being, companionship, and more. These patients need emotional support from others and not ever be left alone.

Don’t lose hope. Perfect Touch Home Care Firm is here to provide a qualified caregiver as you look after a loved one who has a dementia-related disease. Our caregivers are well-trained in memory care and offer kindness, understanding, and patience toward your loved one’s difficult circumstances.

Let us help you with the following:

  • Medication assistance reminder

  • Daily companionship

  • Assistance with adaptive or therapeutic care regimens

  • In-home care safety evaluations

  • Crisis intervention

  • And more

At Perfect Touch Home Care agency, we understand and plan an overall goal of managing special care and conditions in any individual with the purpose to improve their functioning and quality of life.

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